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    • Journal of Business Strategies Vol. 01 No. 1

    • business; economics; managerial strategies; strategic plans; chapter 11; strategic management; business missions
    • A Managerial Strategy to Reduce Investor Uncertainty and Increase Share Price -- Guide for the Devleopment of a Strategic Plan Introduction -- Chapter II: A tool of Strategic Management -- Defining Your Business Mission -- A Strategic Perspective...
    • Journal of Business Strategies Vol. 01 No. 2

    • business; economics; pay equity; strategic planning; management development; environmental assessment; price discrimination; market segmentation; corporate strategies
    • Comparable Worth and Pay Equity: A Challenge for Employers -- Strategic Planning and Management Development: an Integrated Approach -- Environmental Assessment: The Key To A Proactive Strategic Planning Process -- Price Discrimination As A Means Of...
    • Journal of Business Strategies Vol. 02 No. 1

    • business; economics; risk evaluation; international bonds; contingency theory; communication strategies; corporate advocacy; strategic planning; small business; tax savings; foreign sales corporation option
    • Risk Evaluation of International Bonds -- Contingency Theory: A Work Unit Application -- A Typology of Communication Strategies For Corporate Advocacy -- Catalysis Of Strategic Planning For Small Business -- Tax Savings For Exporters Under The New...
    • Journal of Business Strategies Vol. 02 No. 2

    • business; economics; mission statements; accounting; ethics; problem loan identification and management; PLIM; financial ratios; assessment
    • A Framework for Developing an Effective Mission Statement; The Ethical Dilemma in the Managerial Accounting Profession; Problem Loan Identification and Management (PLIM) System; Evaluation and Use of Financial Ratios in Assessing Management...
    • Journal of Business Strategies Vol. 03 No. 1

    • business; economics; defeasance; debt; futures options; conventional futures; strategic management; strategic planning;union carbide; bhopal; manville
    • In-Substance Defeasance of Debt: A Solution to a Management Problem -- Futures Options Vs. Conventional Futures: When to Use Which -- A Framework for Conducting an External Strategic Management Audit -- The Experience Curve's Role in Strategic...
    • Journal of Business Strategies Vol. 03 No. 2

    • business; economics; strategic change; manufacturing; planning; decision making; inflation; underground economy; legal theory; constructive deceit
    • Implementing Strategic Change in Manufacturing Organizations -- Combining Delphi and Multiple Scenario Analysis for Planning Purposes -- Managerial Decision Making and Changing Prices: The Effects of Inflation on Internal Information and Operating...
    • Journal of Business Strategies Vol. 04 No. 1

    • business; economics; comparable worth; D&O liability insurance policy; strategic responses; financing; followership; leadership
    • Comparable Worth: A Legal and Professional Update -- The D&O Liability Insurance Policy in the Small Corporation -- Strategic Responses to Ballot Questions -- Creative Financing by Multinationals -- Effective Followership: Leadership Turned Upside...
    • Journal of Business Strategies Vol. 04 No. 2

    • business; economics; strategic guidelines; boycotts; mission statements; taxes; managers; bankruptcy; decision making; index
    • Strategic Guidelines for Responding to Consumer Boycotts -- A Study of Mission Statements Among Large U.S. Manufacturers -- Selected Tax Issues Concerning the Sale of a Principal Residence -- A Profile of High Level Corporate Managers in the United...
    • Journal of Business Strategies Vol. 05 No. 1

    • business; economics; Japanese markets; tax provisions; tax reform act; credit risk evaluation; strategic flexibility; interest rate swaps; planning; real estate
    • Strategies for U.S. Firms to Better Penetrate Japanese Markets -- An Analysis of Selected Tax Provisions of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 -- Development and Interpretation of a Credit Risk Evaluation Instrument -- An Empirical Assessment of the...
    • Journal of Business Strategies Vol. 05 No. 2

    • business; economics; general business practice; business plans; small business; budgeting; strategic management; recruitment; General Motors; forecasting; global diversification
    • Exclusive Dealing in General Business Practice -- The Importance of the Business Plan to the Small Business -- Budgeting: A Strategic Managerial Tool -- Personnel Recruitment and the Law: Guidelines for Managers of Small Business Firms -- The Male...
    • Journal of Business Strategies Vol. 06 No. 1

    • business; economics; code of ethics; goal programming; countertrade; multinational business; railroad industry; organizational culture; analytical hierarchy; retail stores
    • The Nature of Codes of Business Ethics: A Strategic Perspective -- Goal Programming as a Decision Tool for New Products Planning -- Strategic Use of Countertrade in Multinational Business -- Post-Deregulatory Strategic Performance: A Study of the...
    • Journal of Business Strategies Vol. 06 No. 2

    • business; economics; retailing; performance appraisals; Sunday closing laws; retailers; medical service outshopping; psychographics; marketing strategies; turnaround strategy; strategic models; ethics
    • Transformations in Retailing: Toward the 'R' Establishment -- An Alternative Strategy for Improving Performance Appraisal Communications -- Sunday Closing Laws: Protection for Small Retailers? -- Understanding Medical Service Outshopping: Can...
    • Journal of Business Strategies Vol. 07 No. 1

    • business; economics; corporate strategies; differentiation; cost leadership; merit-based salary; management; information resources; assessment; primer; psychology; managers
    • Redefining Corporate Strategic Fit -- Differentiation and Cost Leadership Strategies: A Strategic Continuum of Alternatives -- Judgment Analysis: A Methodology for Merit-Based Salary Allocation -- New Concepts for the Management of Information...
    • Journal of Business Strategies Vol. 07 No. 2

    • business; accounting; strategic success; strategic planning; financial service providers; planning; mergers; acquisitions; employment; handicapped; international strategy; warfare strategies; quality control; Japan
    • Strategic Success and Member Commitment -- Strategic Planning for Financial Service Providers: A Family Life Cycle Profile of Competitive Market Segments -- An Integrative Planning Model of Mergers and Acquisition -- Employment of the Physically...
    • Journal of Business Strategies Vol. 08 No. 1

    • business; economics; occupational stress; initial costs; real estate; stocks; goals; change
    • Occupational Stress: An Analysis -- A Generalized Methodology to Establish Value of the Initial Franchise Costs -- Real Estate Divestitures and Stock Price Performance: Using Alternative Event Study Variance Estimators -- Strategy Implementation: A...
    • Journal of Business Strategies Vol. 08 No. 2

    • business; economics; boards of directors; corporate social responsibility; global strategies; small business; large business; price-earnings ratio model; multinational business; location; retail market structures; reverse stock splits;...
    • Characteristics of Boards of Directors and Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility: An Examination of the Fortune Survey -- Global Strategies for the Future: Large vs. Small Business -- The Theoretical Price-Earnings Ratio Model: Empirical...
    • Journal of Business Strategies Vol. 09 No. 1

    • business; economics; Europe; foreign trade; drug testing; risk assessment; YOYO Theory; competitive advantage; dividend policy; management; inverted yield curve; interest rates
    • Europe 1992: Implications for the American Market -- Foreign Trade Zones: Opportunities for Strategic Development in the Southwest -- Drug Testing: What are the Rights of Employees, Employers, and Unions? -- A Strategic Approach to Political Risk...
    • Journal of Business Strategies Vol. 09 No. 2

    • business; economics; mergers; stocks; small business; M-Form; market segmentation; management; revolving door; retail workers; employment; SFAS No. 52; closing
    • Evaluating Merger Performance on a Longitudinal Basis: An Empirical Investigation -- Officer and Director Stock Ownership and Firm Performance in the Publicly Traded Small Corporation -- The Impact of Firm Strategy Type on Transition Time for...
    • Journal of Business Strategies Vol. 10 No. 1

    • business; economics; export strategies; export planning; turnover; ethics; degree; name change strategies; mission statements; hospitals
    • Relationships Between Export Success, Export Strategies, and Export Planning -- Turnover In the Top Management Cohort and Financial Performance -- Linking Undergraduate Business Degree Specialization To Ethical Behavior: An Empirical Investigation...
    • Journal of Business Strategies Vol. 10 No. 2

    • business; economics; psychology; decision making; ethics; forecasting; accounting; small business; labor law; niche markets; international business education; transfer pricing; human resources
    • Psychological Types, Decision Styles, and Ethical Decision-Making -- The Mysteries of Forecasting -- Accounting for Environmental Contingencies: The Impact on Small Business Strategies -- Reconciling Employee Involvement Programs with National...


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